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We started the pharmacy in Kifissia and Kassavetis corner in Kifissia in September 1998. With the tools of our knowledge and love for the subject of our work, my colleagues and I offered our advice, services and care to all of them, our customers and they repaid us by establishing us in the area.

Stations in our history were:

• In 2011, trying to respond positively to the crisis, we expanded our pharmacy and devoted much of it to phytotherapy, natural cosmetics, to almost all alternative therapies and to some products on the Greek soil that are appropriate in our area. Always offering our knowledge and advice, we want to help return to traditional treatments in a rational and scientific way, without ever questioning Classical Medicine, whose progress has led to the treatment of many diseases that do not respond to treatment. products of nature, increasing the duration and quality of human life.

• Finally, in 2013 we are entering the digital age, with the co-financing of the NSRF, with the operation of an online store, opening up our communication with more people and many other actions.

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